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About "Tryst with Trees"

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Releasing: Nov 2010.

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Sikhism is the only religion which has over 58 sacred and historical shrines that are named after 19 species of trees.

TRYST is a pictorial documentation of 58 sacred Sikh shrines named after 19 species of trees. Through some very striking pictures, TRYST brings out the sanctity in which devotees hold trees and the central role of nature in religious preaching and practices.

TRYST includes a description of the botanical features of the tree with its health status as well as the relationship between the tree and the historical and religious background of the shrine . In a larger context, TRYST explores the profound impact of nature and the environment on the spiritual, social and cultural evolution of Sikhism

TRYST has been compiled after personal visits by D.S.Jaspal to every Sikh shrine named after species of trees. It took nearly 3 years to cover more than 58 shrines, mostly in Punjab, but also in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Leh, Orissa and across the border in Pakistan.

Though the naming of sacred shrines after species of trees is unique to the Sikh religion, the relevance of this message is not specific or limited to Sikhism as love and respect for nature are common to every religious faith.

"Mr Jaspal's pioneering work expands the meaning of heritage to include trees & nature." -I.K.Gujral ex-Prime Minister of India

Tryst with trees at Oslo! Erik Solheim, Minister of Environment , Norway evinces keen interest in Punjab's sacred heritage.

"What a beautiful book! Let me thank D S Jaspal for this extremely valuable work - showing the power of nature, of peace & the great religion of Sikhism" - Erik Solheim

"This wonderful book highlights the intimate bond between religion and conservation."
- Maharani Preneet Kaur

"Mr Jaspal's book represents interfaith harmony and highlights the common heritage of Pakistan & India."
-Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan
Federal Information Minister, Pakistan

"An important contribution to an unexplored aspect of our heritage."
-Faqir Aijazuddin
Principal, Aitchison College, Lahore

"Mr. Jaspal's book draws attention to the common spiritual heritage of India & Pakistan."
-Kuldip Nayar, eminent journalist, author, diplomat.

"By writing this book Mr. Jaspal has rendered a great service to humanity"
-Baba Sewa Singh, Renowned environmentalist, spiritual leader

"The book reveals the organic relationship between nature and religion."
-Syed Asif Hashmi
Chairman, Evacuee Trust Property Board, Pakistan

"Tryst with Trees is a great work of environmental activism. I congratulate Jaspal."
-Mr Ujjal Dosanjh, ex-Premier, British Columbia, Canada

"Tryst with Trees is a timely reminder of our rich environment heritage and the need to preserve it."
-Rajinder Sachar, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court.

"Jaspal has done a great service to the cause of Sikhism and environment protection by compiling this book."
-Justice Kuldip Singh
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India