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"Tryst with Trees" Reviews

"This pioneering work by Mr. Jaspal expands the meaning of heritage to include trees and nature. I also compliment Dr. Farooq Beg for making a documentry film on this subject."
I K Gujral
ex-Prime Minister of India

"I applaud the effort to emphasise that religion cherishes nature, preserves it and makes life a complete experience ".
-Ambika Soni
Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting

"A revival of sorts has been initiated by D S Jaspal, a senior IAS official... he has discovered that a large number of historic gurudwaras bear names of indigenous trees which grew there. ".
-Khushwant Singh

"A captivating documentation Jaspal has travelled the state with his Nikon camera and captured on film 17 species of trees that have 48 of the most sacred Sikh shrines named after them "
-India Today

"A work of unique environmental significance"

"Wish we could see this in book form."
-Arpana Caur

"D.S. Jaspal, Principal Secretary, ventured on a journey to discover religious �roots� in gurudwaras across India and Pakistan."
-The Times of India

"Jaspal! Great work. I congratulate you."
-Dr. M.S.Gill
Union Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports.

"Hats off to you, Jaspal, for such a unique, brilliant effort to highlight the role of Sikhism in promotion of enviornment"
-Tarlochan Singh
Member of Parliament

"The exceptional features of the Sikh religious way of life have been brought out for the first time in �Tryst with Trees- Punjab�s Sacred Heritage� a project undertaken by Mr Jaspal."
-The Hindu, Delhi

"For the first time the close bonds between religion and conservation have been highlighted through some striking pictures of trees, devotees, gurudwaras."
-Kuldip Nayar
Author, Journalist

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Releasing: Nov 2010.

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